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May 16, 2023

Varist and OPSWAT Announce Partnership Agreement for Malware Protection

Varist, an Icelandic cybersecurity company that recently acquired the operating assets of Cyren’s anti-malware business, is excited to announce its latest partnership with OPSWAT. The agreement highlights OPSWAT’s commitment to…
May 2, 2023

Varist Partners with Eleven to Enhance Protection of Millions of Mailboxes

Varist ehf, a leading anti-malware company whose products are trusted by the largest cloud companies worldwide, announces a significant partnership with German cybersecurity firm eleven cyber security GmbH. This collaboration…
March 13, 2023

Cyren’s Anti-Malware technology acquired by Icelandic IT company OK

Reykjavik, March 13th 2023 OK, a leading IT service company in Iceland, announced today that it has signed an agreement to acquire all operating assets of the Anti-Malware business from…


A Duck’s Trail

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The Footprint We came across what seems to be a builder as the filename implies. We also assume that it is already on version 4 via the string "v4".…

The Duck Who Sneaked Through Feeds

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Malicious Facebook Ads Malvertisements are one of many infection vectors that threat actors use. It gives them an advantage to pique the interest of unsuspecting users to fall victim to…

Capcut’s Copycat Installs Trojan Stealer

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While digging through a malicious document which I was working on earlier this week (SHA256: 1024f399ddef...8151c566), I took interest in a URL flagged as malicious by Varist Hybrid Analyzer as…

Considering UX when choosing Malware Detection technology

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It has become common practice to consider end user experience when building software or software-as-a-service products. After all, in today's easy-in/easy-out paradigm that has come with cloud applications, it's never…