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Varist Malware Detection Engine

Industry leading anti-malware at speed and scale

Threat detection in the most challenging environments


Providing malware detection in security gateway and cloud environments
presents unique challenges that many anti-malware products struggle with:

Early Detection 

Security gateways see malware long before security software deployed on end-points. Long update intervals, often hours, mean that anti-malware engines can frequently miss the majority of new malware attacks. 

Low Resources 

Whether it be hardware security appliances or cloud environments, resources are usually at premium. More processor usage and more memory usage equates to more cost.

Low Latency

End-users expect to be kept secure from cyber threats. However, they also expect a latency free user experience. With today’s working practices being highly data centric, it’s a tough challenge to meet both of these requirements.  

Why Varist’s Malware Detection Engine? 


Combine lightning-fast scanning with unmatched precision. Operations run smoothly with optimal performance, whilst our heuristic emulation-driven detection logic guarantees industry-leading low false positive rates. Varist’s Malware Detection Engine is deployed in the largest file processing architectures in the world where the ability to scale is essential.

Lightweight Footprint

With the lightest footprint in the industry, Varist’s Malware Detection Engine can fit on resource constraint hardware appliances or keep costs to a minimum in cloud architectures where resource costs can easily spiral out of control.

Update Frequency

Your organization’s perimeter, whether it be physical or cloud, is the first opportunity to stop malware from entering into your systems. Varist produces up to 40 pattern updates every day to ensure the customers are protected at the earliest opportunity and prevent as may threats as possible from passing through to the next layer of your detection pipeline.


Prioritize privacy without sacrificing efficiency. Varist is designed for on-premise or offline deployment, liberating you from cloud connectivity constraints. Take control of your security with confidence.  

Deployment Options

Choose the deployment option that fits your needs. Varist offers seamless integration flexibility with a versatile SDK and a ready-to-use service for Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD both standalone or as a microservice container. 

“The Varist engine is Lean and Mean! With Varist, we've empowered our system to inspect up to 100 billion files daily. The scale of processing is truly unique, showcasing Varist's exceptional speed in handling the biggest of loads. It's not just security; it's security at scale.”

Fortune 15 Technology Sector Customer
Trusted by Industry Leaders

Varist safeguards over 2 billion users globally, having earned the trust of some of the largest software vendors on the planet. Our proven technology is the backbone of digital defense for industry leaders.

Discover the Varist advantage today and fortify your digital infrastructure with a blend of speed, precision, and adaptability. 

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