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Varist Hybrid Analyzer

“High Performance Deep File Analysis”


Fast and scalable unknown malware detection for ALL of your files 


Varist Hybrid Analyzer pushes back the barriers of handling unknown threat detection of files in large volumes. Whilst there are already many solutions to handle deep file analysis, none can handle the volumes of files that exists in today’s age of data

Rather than settling for high-level file analysis or only analysing some of your data, Varist Hybrid Analyzer allows you to perform deep analysis of all of your files.


End-users expect a seamless experience when it comes to cloud applications or security gateways. The delays that existing unknown malware detection technologies usual introduce make for a poor user experience.

Our real-time behavioural analysis, provides unparalleled efficiency – being able to accurately identify and neutralize threats in milliseconds as they emerge.

Cutting Edge Analysis

Varist’s ground-breaking analysis technology seamlessly bridges the gap between anti-malware detection and sandbox analysis.

Varist Hybrid Analyzer simulates operating system and application responses, boasting the capability to effectively analyze behavior of files at high speed and without the encumbrance of sandbox detonation.

The Power of Hybrid Analysis

Rapid Deep Analysis

Hybrid Analyzer brings together high-speed emulation technology and time-tested static analysis methods, creating a synergy that ensures unparalleled accuracy and efficacy in detecting malicious files.

Tactical Awareness

We don’t just stop at detection. Varist Hybrid Analyzer goes beyond by providing actionable intelligence for each file, empowering you to make informed decisions and proactively protect your digital environment.

Malware detection engine

Hybrid Analyzer

Unknown malware
Data extraction
Other modules

Analysis Layer


Extraction Layer

150+ mini engines

Varist's File Analysis Platform

Deep emulation

Why Varist Hybrid Analyzer?

Easy Integration

Varist Hybrid Analyzer uses an HTTP-based API for quick and simple integration their product architectures. The engine outputs in JSON allowing customers to easily consume our analysis and make security decisions. Varist Hybrid Analyzer is available as both a service for rapid integration reducing customer development costs, and also as an SDK for use cases where ultra low-latency important or when resources at a premium.

Deep Insight

Varist’s deep understanding of different file types makes the difference when it comes to identifying new security risks. For example, the ability to not only identify a URL in an Excel file, but that it’s included with an auto-run macro which is an entirely different risk level. This allows for decisions to be made on new indicators and meta data previously not available to security applications before.

Next-gen Emulation 

Varist Hybrid Analyzer’s next-gen emulation technology mimics operating system and application behaviours defeating malware evasion techniques without being encumbered with having to provide a full sandbox environment. This makes our engine lighter and faster than our competitors.