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Varist solutions

Malware Detection Engine

100+ mini engines scan unique objects within a file. Unpacks files and defeats obfuscation used by malware authors. Spots threats with heuristic analysis, advanced emulation, and intelligent signatures.

Varist Hybrid Analyzer

With Varist Hybrid Analyzer you can scan EVERY file to find and block threats. Analyzes file properties and behavior at high speed and low cost. Gives you relevant and accurate information for real-time policy enforcement and incident response. Never compromise privacy for security; no cloud required.

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December 1, 2023

A Duck’s Trail

The Footprint We came across what seems to be a builder as the filename implies. We also assume that it is already on version 4 via the string "v4".…
November 29, 2023

The Duck Who Sneaked Through Feeds

Malicious Facebook Ads Malvertisements are one of many infection vectors that threat actors use. It gives them an advantage to pique the interest of unsuspecting users to fall victim to…
November 22, 2023

Capcut’s Copycat Installs Trojan Stealer

While digging through a malicious document which I was working on earlier this week (SHA256: 1024f399ddef...8151c566), I took interest in a URL flagged as malicious by Varist Hybrid Analyzer as…